The Trinity Group is India’s premier international exhibitions, conference and business events producers. Apart from B2B and B2C shows in various state capitals or cities of India, the group has organized trade fairs overseas also – Mauritius, Sri Lanka…

The Trinity Group organizes these events for various industry verticals such as – Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Ayurveda & Naturals, Health & Hospicare, Food & Beverages, Agriculture, etc.

Trinity is also the only corporate entity to be recognized with three Guinness world records.


2021 being the Silver Jubilee Year of The Trinity Group, the idea was to create a corporate group website (www.trinityworld.biz) not just highlighting all the different vertical events but also feature all major stakeholders who made valuable contributions over the last 25 years. Trinity being holders of three Guinness World Records and connected with various Government and Industry leaders, the aim was also to showcase these on the portal.


* Since, it was impossible to capture the various verticals that Trinity is involved in, WEBMAN suggested highlighting all verticals on the Home Page with weblinks to micro websites for each industry.
* WEBMAN also felt it would be useful if there were separate tabs on the menu bar to focus on the current/forthcoming as well as record past events. Other tabs were used to showcase photos and videos like -Gallery, Guinness, Testimonials, etc.
* WEBMAN created for Trinity many micro-websites such as – – www.ihnfworld.com , www.bakerynsnacks.com , www.agrofnbpro.inwww.winesbeersdrinks.comwww.ttindiaexpo.comwww.ayushnatural.comwww.solarplusexpo.comwww.indiahospicare.comwww.waterwastexpo.comwww.unaniglobal.com ,
www.indiasportsnfitness.comwww.indiapetszoo.com  ,  www.indiasportsnfitness.comwww.goaboatshow.bizwww.buildconstructindia.comwww.impexandhealthchamber.comwww.gcma.livewww.shop.ayushnatural.comwww.ihfindia.in.


The task before WEBMAN was indeed daunting by sheer virtue of the huge volume of work involved. It was natural because activities of over two decades had to be displayed.

We are pleased to acknowledge that WEBMAN rose to this huge back-breaking challenge and did so within a record-breaking time frame. The portal now completely reflects the Group’s identity and humungous activities it undertakes.

WEBMAN has all our Best Wishes in all tasks, project and assignments on hand and in the future. We are confident WEBMAN will handle it professionally and with the competence the jobs require.

JOSEPH DIAS, MA (Economics) +91 97695 55657
Chairman, Trinity Group & Ex-Special Executive Magistrate, Government of


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