Celebrity chef Niket Drego is better known for honing the art of charcuterie – exclusively handcrafted artisanal meats cuisine. Among the pioneers of this culinary skill, his company – The Daily Cut – has specialized it with made-to-order only exotic fine dining.


Chef Niket Drego wanted to showcase his menu but more importantly wanted to highlight the difference between factory-made frozen foods and his creations. He also wanted to make it possible for his prestigious clientele to purchase online.


* WEBMAN on the Home Page itself covered most of what chef Niket Drego desired by putting out his repertoire of cold cuts and described what was his USP – unique sellingĀ  proposition. It also featured the logos of 5 Star Hotels that he worked in and reviews of his well known customers.
* To make online purchases possible, WEBMAN added a payment gateway and shopping cart. To keep communication lines open, the website has WhatsApp Chat Box, Contact Us, My Selection, Blog, etc. for those desiring more info on theste exquisite products.


I would not hesitate to recommend WEBMAN and must say that my website is professionally well designed and built to attract and maintain my clientele.

The ‘My Selection’ page is very creative and well laid out with pictures which vividly displays the story of Charcuterie leaving many mouths watering!

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